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      2-Methoxynaphthalene (Yara...

    In order to improve the internal quality of the products and developing capacity of new products constantly to meet the standards and demands of global customers, the company has invested in Waters 1515 high-pressure liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer, Shimadzu LC-10AT vp plus, Perkinelmer UV-scanner visible ultraviolet spectrophotometer, spectrometer, atomic absorption spectro-photometer, GC8810,GC900,GC910F,GC910T gas chromatograph, meldometer, METTLER-TOLEDO analytic balance and other test equipments, the company owns a team of professional analytical staff with rich experience, the conventional quality inspection of the chemicals can be correctly carried out and the results are not different compared with the results of domestic authoritative inspection institutions. This has provided powerful assurance to the control of product inspection and production process.

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